090928-Broga Trip

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Is almost the end of the holiday, people are doing for their last rush on entertainment.

So am i, but but but, my wallet is all out!! T-T

Still i manage to join some activity that use less than a penny,

Broga hill is a hill located somewhere around..erm..somewhere. Semenyir or whatever. Lol.

4 peak for 45 minutes, I'm half dead to the top, still, my spirit never dies, the scenery was incredible, only thing missing is sunrise still missing, but photo taken, lots of great shots and the effort pays. =D

Path to third peak.

Me. :)

Mount view is just nice. =)

The Team.


Things went well,
shadow of her has gone,
I'll try my best,
put some faith on me,
we will get stronger as we move on.

I Miss You.

Gotta Get Get

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Is holiday and photo will keep on coming! Do u enjoy ur holiday? :)

Is the first 4 days and I'm tiring edi, need to charge for the activity that followed.

21.9.09-7 ate 9.

Credit: JJ E6, Ten 750.
The 5 unmissable kaki, Tomato JJ, Aunty Hoo, Fish Ten, Me, HEHE Peng.

Is the first time we get to shoot our own photo for our outing, we never thought of that before, a pop up idea, nvr brought dslr but is still good, n i like it! =D

Photo of the day,

Jj tomato face after a few shot down.

Simply irresistible me myself. :)

A post after 1 month and 13 day :(

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O M G! another long period after my last update..i'm sooo guilty..

All PACKED exam timetable, superman syllabus, 6 HELLA topic, that really knock me down.. :(

But HEY! exam is finish, holiday are coming in, Pangkor, Genting, Broga hill trip are all around the corner, for sure lots of photo will be taken, pls stay tune =D

Still, for the period I've been missing, alot outing had been done, activity has gone, and i will start of with a series of photo with this! =)

A random formal shot took in school, simple but kewl. x)

I went for my bro convo at UTM, my bro biggest day, while we are staying at some random hotel at Johor, Grand Paragorn, right at the hotel lobby, this is what we saw,
What car is this?
The day where u will come across this lots of car. Simply amazing.

The main day,

Prom king and queen. Is my bro. =)
My family with my cousin :)
Pretty random shot,

Ok Here Goes..
Gratz BRO! =D

Now as usual,
Shot of the DAY!
My birthday present THONG! >.< Till then! take care :)

Named it "People"

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Mr.Thiong said, we Asian lack of one things,


What makes him said that?

A human face consist of about 56 muscles,
We use it when we smile, to frown or talk.
If u ever notice, Caucasian can change more then 10 emotion in one single line of text.

They exercised.

But if you ever been through elementary or secondary school.

When we are asked to read paragraph.

Out tone or the facial expression will just levelled out thru out the whole paragraph.

That's why Caucasian smile are more attractive. =)

Lol! btw the Nike stuff is remarkable, just noticed! =b

Talk about it,
I'm sharing a video which i don't think i'm in right to comment or giving some idea. Just doing a favor from my friend by helping to distributing and posting it.

Ponder it.

Here goes.

"We want to establish the truth and nothing but the truth... it is important for us to ensure that public faith and confidence in important institutions."

"One Malaysia,People First,Performance Now"

Sounds Familiar?

Honorable Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak.

Picture of the day,

We always have fun mocking Aunty, don't we? xD

Another assignment night, bye! x)

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Realize i would never attempt to update when I'm not tired

So let the picture talk,

By the way,

Getting obsess with photo taking,


Just to inform,

Stop me and I'll slap you.



Went Cheras pasar malam with Sheryiin and her brother,

Fun Ok! theme cafe which offer toilet bowl as seat. =D

The best shot of the night is choosen,

Hell my 450 wasn't with me that night.

Gawd, I'm rili hawt! xD


Its Sunday and is Nicole b'day,

Went for Green Box@Sg Wang with college mate,

QQ Steamboat@Kepong afterward,

Happy 19th Birthday Nicole!! =D

Owh, she cried.. ;)

Put some function in use, definitely look more delicious if you see it this way =b

Gang attendance nvr missed, punctuality problem nvr end..
Thx to Peng Han Keong and the culture will brought down as a heritage..

Just like old time, never end my post without my best looks of the day. x)
Thx Carmen =D


4 hours to sleep till class,

Wonder when will i started to take my pimples problem seriously,

Somebody help me.. =(

Nitez mate!

Burning The Spider Web

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Neglect-ed blog..
Crap owner..

But i must blame smtg else so my blog will only let me to click the publish post button! x)

Lets start with a 1 man show assignment,

A stupid Financial Accounting required us to present a business topic in a creative and innovative way?

So..video presentation taken,
Alot of venue changes, Jinjang Recreation Park, Wangsa Walk and finally Look Out Point..
And after that
Hella I'm appoint to finish off the whole movie..
Bunch of cut n paste..modified and edit..adding visual effect music subtitles..day n nite..
I'm stuffed with this crap the whole dam week..

And finally, I PASSED UP TODAY!!! WUHUUU!!
Not quite a good movie anyway, but what can you expect from a account student? =)

Can ask from me if u feel like watching it anyway.. =D

Then an untold story stated on my previous entries,
ACCA conference camp,
a 2 days 1 nite camp which happened last week,

Quite a big experience for me since i was once again appoint as leader of my team..

Bijoux (French for small & cute) house made in one of the activities.

Lots of activities is arranged, good meal, gorgeous people.. xD

But, I'm sorry if things doesnt work out in our team..i tried my best..
But still..we cant make it anyway,

I may be a bad leader,

but yea i'm still so grateful that i still have the team and i'm honour-ed..Thx to my ferociously ambitious team..RoX!! =)

A public sharing on one of the activities and i'm with another leader of the combine group.^^

Is weekend, the busy week has passed..
Is time to pay some effort to make my class trip plan work..
Bukit Merah Resort!!
I'll get you!!

Small test is coming,
but it wont knock me down..

Welcome me back,
bloggie and blogger..
CHEERS!! <3>

i didnt pay lots of attention with my Becky this week..
Really miss him..
Pls excuse me..
I wanna go downstairs and hug him..
Bye fella!!
Till then!!

The unexpected present.

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Thx for waiting! (if u are)
Finally a break b4 friend knock to my house for movie session!!
BUT update come 1st!! =D

owh..i hate this feeling..
sem start..
holiday end..
evtg start to get bz..
account student doin an assignment that needed to be full with creativity and wonderful effect..
all this lead to a half way abandoned bloggy..
argh i feel so sorry..dear bloggy forgive me pls..

but there is oways smtg to overcome when it comes to me, my dear blog..
pls enjoy this post and forgive me for abandoning u for a period.. =)

Here comes the wave

My new dug interest, need quite some to adapt it =S

Argh..is a dam nice photo if 3am isnt dark, i snap from my fren hse at pv6, a very dark hill across the highway, the light arsobence function is dam nice anyway xD

Then my dslr have my bro company on his business trip to Japan,
lotsa picture taken but im only sharing a few of its shot,
is rly kinda nice, here goes

argh..wana been there myself!! dam seductive running thru his photo..Japan.. T-T

But yea, lucky for us,
both of us nvr forget to be nice to each other,

i borrow camera n there he bring me present!! XD

A matryoshka doll or stacking doll (grab from one of Sheryiin post).
Its brought from Japan, and according to their culture, u see wat u see,
a NINJA matryoshka doll!
That meant much for my present! xD

Bonus Feature Of The Day!!

A present that are nicely wrap
to cover smtg up
Yeay! There goes introducing another craft present by Sheryiin!
An animal sillhouettes made by Sheryiin herself!
Thx!! ( dam im proud to be her fren xD )

P/s: To Do List - 13/6 - Free entry for Fishy Leong concert!
14/6 - If evtg gone well, head to Nilai for photo taking
27/6 - ACCA camp for 2 days 1 nite

Activities rly get me bz!

K! Off to get some soft drink before the movie session start, hope it wont be long till the next update follow! Hav a good day mate! x)